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Web Server Setup
Database Connections
Basic Configuration
Building Reports
Adding Code
License Key and Downloading
How do I add my own pdf export button to the Report Viewer?
Can I add the ability to categorize reports when saving and loading?
Can I embed Izenda Reports into my application?
Can I use the browser back button with Izenda Reports?
Can the connection strings for oracle at www.connectionstrings.com be used with Izenda? We have Oracle 10g.
Can you tell me more about SQL connection strings?
Does Izenda Reports support Microsoft Access?
Does Izenda Reports work with Sybase?
Does Izenda offer custom solutions built around Izenda Reports?
Does Reports provide the ability to format logical data? For example, a 1 or 0 in a bit field is returned to the report as True or False. Can this be changed to display Yes or No without defining this behavior in a View?
Does Sybase integrate with asp.net applications?
Does the starter kit work with VS2005 and .NET 2.0?
How do I use the Izenda Reports report email scheduler?
How do I add or create custom formats (or a custom format) for my report?
How do I change the CSS of the Report Viewer (Reportviewer.aspx) page?
How do I change from database mode to file system mode for report storage and vice versa?
How do I change the look and feel of the reports?
How do I change the look and feel of the Report Designer tabs?
How do I configure Izenda Reports?
How do I create "drill down" reports using the custom URL function in Izenda Reports 5.6 (and earlier)?
How do I create a field with today's Date?
How do I create a template or master report in which users can edit and save modifications (using "Save As" ) without changing the original report which serves as the template or master report?
How do I create hyperlinks / custom urls based off of a field value in the report?
How do I create my Sybase connection string?
How do I dynamically set the connection string?
How do I filter my data for a specific date range using the url to pass the dates or use the between filter on my data with any variable?
How do I increase the drop-down lists width to provide the table names/view names or field names?
How do I increase the width of the View / Table dropdown box in the data sources tab?
How do I limit export formats?
How do I manage reports in my own way or add security access to report listing?
How do I name my fields to integrate my application with Izenda Reports?
How do I programatically create reports via the API?
How do I remove buttons from the toolbar in the report designer?
How do I set the column width for each field?
How do I use "OR" statements in Izenda Reports filtering?
How do I use other built-in SQL functions?
How do I use the link formats -- embedded, popup and detail -- in Izenda Reports 5.6 (and earlier)?
How do you setup Izenda Reports to run on a StateServer?
How does Izenda Reports compare to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS), Crystal Reports, and traditional reporting tools?
How is Izenda Reports so fast?
I'd like to remove the Izenda Reports Administrative Settings button
I am running .NET 2.0 / .NET 1.1 application side-by-side by I can no longer find the ASP.NET version tab setting for a web application, how do I change this?
I am trying to set visible datasources to everything that starts with "ADHOC" how can this be done using regex?
1 Million Record View
I have a date field. How do I group the data by month and year?
I have some users that I would just like them to see the report. I don't want them to be able to modify filters, add fields, or other functions allowed in the report viewer how can I deliver this type of report with Izenda Reports?
I would like to filter by a field that is summed. How do I do this?
I would like to migrate some but not all of my data from a database?
Is Izenda Reports secure?
How do I calculate how old a date is or convert a date into a number?
Izenda Reports times out (timeout) when connecting to the database, how do I make it not do this?
My graphs in Reports do not look correct or have bad data
Visual grouping is causing an invalid report error
We are embedding this product into our software. Is there a way to remove the Izenda logo?
What databases does Izenda Reports support?
What do I do if I get the exception? "Cookieless mode not supported"
What do I do if I get this error "Unable to serialize the session state error" in VB or C#?
What do I do if I have complex table names not suitable for users?
What if I want more than one link format report for a data source or view in Izenda Reports 5.6 (and earlier)?
What is Izenda Reports?
What should I do if Izenda Reports dropdowns say "Loading" ?
When I set a theme, Izenda Reports broke or threw a javascript errors
When I use multiple filters I get the following error "Please verify that everything is correct. Preview Timed Out." What setting do I set to increase the time out?
Why are my changes to ToolbarBackgroundImageUrl or TabBackgroundImageUrl not showing up in my browser?
Controlling user logins and login customization
How can I apply a hidden filter using an inner query
Switching from File System to Database mode
Placement of custom code
Switching databases via code
Using query string, dynamically set connection string and authenticate against hash
Setting the user and administrator state
Controlling access to tables and views
Controlling access to fields
Using ListReports() to control report access
Report Designer Page Code Samples
Report Viewer Page Code Samples
Report List CSS Code Sample
Adding Custom Formats
Training Video Topics
The Basics
Trend Charts
Bar Charts
Pie Charts
Advanced Charting & Analysis
Introduction to the Global.asax file
PDF Lessons
How do I customize charts?
How do I dynamically create reports via the API?
Organizing Dates by Week
How can you update reports when Data Sources change?
Queries and Views
How can I automatically update reports if I change my data sources or views?
Dynamically Changing Data Sources
Creating Custom Export Buttons on the Report Viewer
What Browsers does Izenda Reports Support
Getting the Report Name
Changing the response server page ( rs.aspx ) for custom errors or redirects
Turn off Report List Dropdown and Report List Button
Edit Show/Hide Button CSS in the Report Viewer
Code Sample for Export Button
Code Sample for Export Button
Setting the report path with sample and example
Changing CSS of Menu Tables in Report Viewer
Add and Remove Report Designer Toolbar Buttons
Customer Loses CSS Formatting or Fonts etc are not Correct
Web Farms / Gardens / Clusters / Load Balancers / Clouds / Azure
How to Remove Copyright Notice from Settings ( Settings.aspx ) Page
Change or Remove Report Review Menu Buttons
Change or Remove Report Review Menu Buttons
Izenda Reports or some of its pages load slowly - slow or bad IIS performance
User Defined Function (UDF) in SQL 2000/2005
Add Formatting to Grid or New Formats to Formats Dropdown
Can I apply my company logo into Reports?
Localization Support
MySQL Connection String
How to I use field arithmetic or setup calculated fields?
Receiving Error about Express Edition or other Key Related Errors
Filtering by Count Field
Turn off or Change the Background Gradient of the Trend Chart
Logging the Loading Exception when "No Fields Selected" Occurs
Filter Criteria Not Showing in Report Viewer
Passing Username/Password Credentials with Connection String when Login
Run User/Role Related Code, Connection-String before Global Settings
Remove Dropdown List from Report Viewer
Show How Many Records Returned to the Grid from SQL
Using Custom Time Period Setting
How do I control the alignment of text fields or justification in report output?
How do I control the alignment of text fields or justification in report output?
Hiding Read Only Check Box
Reducing Server Trips in AdhocConfig Methods
Override Equals Select Drop-Down Used in the "Filter" Tab & Report Viewer
Override Equals Select Drop-Down Used in the "Filter" Tab & Report Viewer
Hiding Report List Buttons
Audit Every Time a User Prints Reports or Exports Data
Applying Security for Owner of the Report Out of Scheduler
Query String Keys for rs.aspx
Show Grid When Filter Values Not Selected in Report Viewer
Upgrading from Ver.4 to Ver. 5.4
Out of Memory Exception Error When Export to CSV
Override/Changing Behavior for Popups
Override/Changing Behavior for Popups
Changing Browser Title Bar to Your Own Name
Adding New Items to Time Period Dropdown List
Adding New Items to Time Period Dropdown List
Does Izenda Takes advantage of ASP.NET Caching?
Introduction to Izenda Reports
How to Install Izenda Reports on Windows Vista
Overview of Izenda Documentation and Support
Izenda Reports Products Information
Izenda Reports Product Features
Izenda Reports Company Information
Izenda Reports Customer Case Studies
Storing Reports
Writing your own Report Lists
Will my ODBC Connection String work with Izenda Reports?
Will my ODBC Connection String work with Izenda Reports?
Will my ODBC Connection String work with Izenda Reports?
Pivot Function
Authentication Function
How do I Integrate into my application with a master page?
Using PreExecuteReportSet to control data level access
How much does Izenda Reports cost?
Displaying Filter Names in the Report
How do I create "drill down" reports using the link function in Izenda Reports 5.6 (and earlier)?
Does Izenda Reports support pivot tables?
Can I inject SQL "Where Clause" or other expressions into a query or queries?
Secure https on a load balancer
Secure https on a load balancer
Secure https on a load balancer
Create Custom Field Aliases
How do I hide the settings page button or aspx page from users?
Graphs are visible on development server (local) but not on production server (public)
Control names change randomly when deployed from development to production
Control names change randomly when deployed from development to production
How can I add the system date and time into my report?
Creating Custom Exporters
Dymamically changing the database with url parameter
Create Button to Switch Databases
How do I update my schema?
How do I find out how many COres I have?
Can I setup SMTP server authentication in the email scheduler?
Can Extended Functions be used to apply a multi-input function?
Can a licensing error be handled programatically?
How do I install Izenda Reports on Linux or Unix?
What do these format types do?
How can I get faster reporting performance?
What is a Pareto Chart?
How is "Distinct" used?
How is "Use Previous OR" used in Filters?
Combining Multiple Event Based Fields with UNION
Security Guide
Pulling Data From Analysis Services Cubes
How are user credentials applied?
How do I add Field & Record Level Security Integration?
How do I create Data Source Level Security?
How do I enable basic report sharing?
How do I integrate with my login page?
How is the "Show_Records" in the Fields tab used?
User Manuals
How do I use the "Joins Type" drop down?
Can I change the report Title dynamically?
Dynamically Creating Reports Via the API
Can I change the default preview drop down amount?
How do I support multi-key joins?
How are the "param" check boxes in the Filters tab used?
How are Deltas used?
How Do I Get the Security tab in XP Professional Folder Properties?
How do I add a custom save button to the toolbar?
How do I prevent users from accessing Settings.aspx?
What does the blank checkbox do?
How do I use "AND" statements in Izenda Reports filtering?
How can I require users to make filter selections in reports?
What does Izenda recommend for Web & Database server setup?
How do I upgrade the version dll?
Quick Start Guide
How do I dynamically create an export?
How do I enable a side help window?
How do I join on multiple fields
How do I change the style of the report viewer?
How do I create a pivot table in Microsoft SQL ?
How do I Add bulk CSV to the report viewer
How do I Add bulk CSV to the report viewer
How do I use ExtendedFormats for European Date Formats
How to add/remove values to results dropdown
How do I check to see if it is safe to add a hidden filter?
Setting Up a Branded Izenda Demo in 15 Minutes
Setting Up a Branded Izenda Demo in 15 Minutes
How do i join on multiple fields or keys?
Contacting Microsoft
Contacting Microsoft
Export Limit
How to set scheduler export types
Scheduled reports security and hidden filters
How to override SQL for report fields
How do I hide Output Types?
Create Custom Data Sources Tab
How to unblock your dll under windows 7
How to Create a Drill-Down Report in V6.0
Dynamically Replacing the Report Title
Using Share with, rights, roles properties in Izenda Reports 6+
Using the hidden columns setting
How to allow scheduler access to run without authenticating via web.config
How to change toolbar icons
Izenda Reports Web Server Performance Benchmarks and Requirements
How to Remove Buttons from Dashboard Designer
How To Set ReportParts
How To Apply Advanced Logic Filters
How To Modify the Toolbar
How to Add Custom Timespan
How to apply ReportViewer, formerly HTMLOutputReportResults
Using Stored Procedures In Izenda 6
Izenda Language Pack
Reports and tenants
How to post-process data
Using Stored Procedures In Izenda 6. Part 2
Overriding AdHocConfig
How Can I Archive Reports?
How to use Driver.AddForcedLeftJoin
Support Active Directory/Windows Authentication
Create IzendaAdHocReports table manually
Overriding Driver Methods
Using constraints
Adding custom filters to the dashboards
Basic security sample
How to dynamically change TimeZone in post-process
Add "Forms" column to the IzendaAdHocReports table manually
Different JOIN types and Filters
Configure LEFT OUTER JOIN filters
Adding custom filters to the dashboards. MVC application
Storing Reports in Database and Fusion Driver
Join data sources with composite keys
Report Grid default colors
SQL NOLOCK statement
Other Settings default values changes
Field Value visual group
DateTime Formats
Inherit filters in the subreport
What does "Repeat Types" and "Send Email As" mean?
Advanced button
Value Ranges field
Add/Delete in ReportViewer
Saving Filters and AllowNulls
Extended Settings for Subtotal Function
CSV Exports
Multivalued checkboxes (MVC)
Joining Tables multiple times
Multiple data sources
Multiple Constraints
How to use Page Header
How to calculate difference between dates?
What's New in Izenda 6.6?
Automatic Drill Down
Animated Gauges
Cancel Preview
Column Groups
CSS in PDF Export
Dashboard Filters
Data Source Categories
EAV Support
Equals (Autocomplete)
Equals (Calendar)
Equals (Checkboxes)
Field Value
HTML Printing
Izenda Forms
jQuery Date Calendar
Left-to-Right Language
VG Hierarchy
SQL Type Errors When using ODBC with MySQL